About Institute

NTCE Centers Essentially in training , servicing and production, specially in the field of computer education. The uniqueness of the organizations lies in its reach to the grassroots level, which also provides excellent opportunity for placement and growth.

Why NTCE????


The Management of Disha Trust is whole heartedly committed towards providing world-class educational facilities and global oppoortunities to the youth at their door-steps. It believes that New Tech Computer Education must not only be the best, it must also serve as a model for others and ensure that, together, we all ,make a signicant global impact. Governing body realized that in the coming dynamic global ara, knowledge would be power and thus, educationn should be focused


    NTCE faculty are full time , qualified and friendly professionals, always there to guide the students,specially trained to understand student psychology, internalise the knowledge uniformly and put across difficult to understand concepts with ease, thus making students learning ventures smooth and easy. The whole training time is equally divided into theory and practical sessions. Apart from regular computer time, students are allowed to utilise unlimited machine time to exercise their minds, boost their creativity and increase their level of curiosity .This builds-up their self confidence, allows them to explore the wide horizon of computer and gradually shapes them into confident professionals

  • Computer Lab

    NTCE Centers have a good computer lab. The computer lab contains Pentium-III &IV systems, networked by a star topology.


    The greatest advantage of NTCE lies in its interactive approach - a concept which stimulates spirit of innovation and self-achievement. The courses give the students, freedom to develop their spirit of innovation and explore the professional world of computers with the guidance of NTCE experienced faculty.

    Personalized teaching Methodology.

    Extensive hand-on approach.

    Video Audio Learning System (VALS).

    Undertaking Industrial Projects.

    Extra classes in career orientation and self development.

    After the completion of each module, the performance of the students is monitored through regular tests. Measures are taken to rectify their mistakes and improve their skills. All lectures are designed and updated periodically to incorporate technological advancements. Lecturers are planned in such a way that they enable the students to appear successfully in the job market and handle interviews confidentl.

  • Educational Institute From 2006

    New Tech Computer Education.

    Disha Infosys.(web Develping and Software Developing)

    Disha Placement Consultants.